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#TeacherBae sparks national debate

(Source: Instagram) (Source: Instagram)

A fourth grade teacher's closet is gaining her national attention.

According to gossip website ATTN, Patricia Brown teaches in Atlanta, Georgia, but she's being called the "sexiest teacher in America" because of her form-fitting outfits.  She's sparked the Twitter hashtag #TeacherBae.

Gossip site Bossip started the discussion with a particularly pointed tweet.

Others responded to the Tweet, saying her outfits are inappropriate for the workplace and distracting for students.

However, some shamed Bossip for critiquing the teacher's clothes and body.  They said her clothes were not revealing and therefore not problematic.

ATTN's author Tricia Tongo goes on to argue that the conversation itself feeds dangerous stereotypes about African-American women that dehumanize and sexualize them.

Still, others found humor in the discussion.

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