Here are some of the stories we're following Wednesday morning - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Here are some of the stories we're following Wednesday morning

Good morning!

The father of six children killed in a South Memphis house fire Monday is not giving up on his 8-year-old son still trying to survive this morning. This as some are concerned about a possible way an MLGW meter may have played a role in this tragedy. An update on the case this morning.

Many of you have been asking and looking for ways to help this family. Shelby County Schools and School Seed Foundation have set up the Jett Family Memorial Fund. The fund will go to support the surviving family members. We have details this morning for you.

There has been a workplace incident at FedEx's hub overnight. Memphis firefighters say a worker had their leg trapped between two dollies. We'll have an update this morning.

Tipton County deputies say a missing 16-year-old may be with her biological father even though he has a court order telling him not to have any contact with the girl. We'll have a live update on the case this morning.

A bit of a surprise for leaders of the city of Bartlett—when a group of bikers walked in and delivered $10,000 check. We'll explain where the money is going this morning.

Bartlett residents with a sweet tooth caused quite the traffic scene going to their new KRISPY KREME. It caused traffic problems in the area.

Edward Snowden will appear by video at a news conference today in NYC. The former NSA contractor has been in Russia since he leaked classified information about the US government and makes all his appearances by video hookup.

Another warm day, small chances for rain...the biggest chance of rain is Saturday. Highs in the low 90s today. Details on the day and week ahead with weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away on WMC.

Here are the top stories on :

Mystery heart found in Ziploc bag in field (photo) 

Mother nature may already be sending hints about winter in the Mid-South 

Bartlett Krispy Kreme opening causes huge traffic scene 

Openings set in major Chicago gang trial focused on killings 

Greyhound dogs found with drugs in their system, injuries at Southland 

 Join us as we get going this morning from 4:30-7am on WMC Action News 5 with all of your news, weather and traffic.

Andrew Douglas

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