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A father's choice to save others by donating his son's organs

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Cameron Jeff (Source: Family) Cameron Jeff (Source: Family)

Ten people, including seven children lost their live in Monday's house fire in South Memphis. Eight-year-old Cameron Jett's father made the brave decision to save others by donating his sons organs.

Over 120,000 people in the United States are waiting for organs to survive. Twenty-two people on the list die every day, waiting for a call they never get. Ernest Jett's decision to donate his son's organs has touched the Memphis community, especially those who know what it's like to have that excruciating wait for organ donation.

After losing both of his kidneys to cancer, Patrick Johnson had to go through dialysis treatments three times a day for three years while waiting for a donor. He'll never forget getting that call in the middle of the night.

"We have a match. And when she said that, my life just blew up!" Patrick told us smiling. "I hung up the phone and told my wife, I got a kidney, I got a kidney, I got a kidney! And I said, oh my God! I hung up on her! But she called right back."

Not only does Patrick credit the organ donation with saving his life, but also adding to it. This past June, six years after his transplant, he competed in the Transplant Games, an Olympics-style event for organ recipients and donors. Patrick even won a gold medal in ballroom dancing.

WMC Action News 5 asked Patrick had he always been good at dancing.

"Yes, but not ballroom dancing," Patrick responded. "Two step and stuff like that, but ballroom was something totally new to me."

This week, Ernest Jett made the tough decision to donate his son Cameron's organ's after he lost his battle to stay alive.

"His organs, maybe can help some other child to live," Jett said.

Patrick was touched by Jett's choice.

"I think it's a blessing," Patrick said. "His son will always be here through many other people and you can't ask for more."

He knows how much impact Cameron's organs will have, because Patrick believes, without his organ donation:

"I wouldn't be here," Patrick said. "I wouldn't be here."

Perhaps one of the most amazing gifts a person can give, the gift Cameron will now be giving, is the gift of life.

Cameron's organs will help save the life of eight other people. If you are interested in becoming an organ donor, or want to learn more about the cause click these links below:



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