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What we're working on Monday morning

Good Monday morning!!

Terrorism is the big story as you wake up on this Monday morning. Late Saturday night and late last night there have been explosions and detonations in New York and New Jersey. There has also been a mall attack in Minnesota where people were stabbed. There have been dozens of people hurt, no one killed but concerns and fears are great this morning. We'll break down what is happening right now in the alert center.

Two car fires last night. Firefighters say they may be connected. We're looking into it this morning.

An awful and horrific accusation--a Memphis man is charged with raping a child during a church service at a North Memphis church. Details on the investigation this morning.

The family of the 10 victims of a deadly house fire in South Memphis have completed the funeral plans.We'll share them with you this morning.

We're less than one week away from the Raleigh Frayser Block Party and Picnic for Peace. The event is the largest community event in North Memphis. We'll give you details this morning.

An incredibly powerful moment captured forever. A Georgia couple moved their wedding venue to a hospital room after the father of the bride was diagnosed with a terminal illness. We'll share you the touching moment this morning.

Sunny....Temperatures in the 80s. We're talking about what to expect this week as fall comes to the Mid-South. Weather and traffic no more than 7 mins away on WMC Action News 5.

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Join us as we get going this Monday morning!! We are live for you from 4:30-7am on WMC Action News 5.

Andrew Douglas

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