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Who ya' gonna call? Pooper Scoopers

(Source: Friends of Collierville Animal Services//Facebook) (Source: Friends of Collierville Animal Services//Facebook)

You never know that something exist until you have a need for it. Right?

Two weeks ago I was patiently sitting in the veterinarians office awaiting Tiger's last heart worm injection. I picked up a brochure that I thought had been strategically placed,(or so I thought), that advertised pet waste removal services.

I dread going out in my backyard on rainy days, hot days, cold days or any day to pick up waste from two large dogs, a doberman and a pit bull. So, as I read the brochure I thought my dreams had come true.

On Doody Pet Waste Removal Service, LLC has been in business since 1999 and since somebody's got to do it, why not them?!

The company's website says, "Once or twice a week, they come, they clean, they haul, and they go." There is a small fee of course.

I haven't tried this company, but I was curious as to how many companies offer this service in the Memphis area so I did a Google search. There are two: On Doody and Little Stinkers of Memphis.

In case you were wondering, the City of Memphis has an ordinance that prohibits leaving behind your pet's waste on public property, but you shouldn't leave
it on anyone's property.

Happy Scooping!

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