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Read the full winning nomination for the Mid-South's Best Mom

Here is the nomination for the winning entry in the Mid-South Best Mom contest written by Yvonne Burchfield:

[I nominate] my mother, a great lady of faith, a young widow, who cared for five children. My dad passed away on Father's Day at the age of 41.  He was from the old school and never allowed her to drive. This had to be hard, but she said, "If life deals you lemons make lemonade." She made donuts to make extra money. After my dad's final heart attack, she baked a lot.

We lived…in Drew, MS. She called factories and businesses to get orders. Everyone knew she didn't drive, so they picked it up [the donuts]. [Our] wake-up call was at 5 a.m. so we could help dip donuts that she had rising everywhere. I never thought about how early she must've gotten up, but [she] never complained. Instead [she] would say, "God don't give you more than you can handle, so we're going to be just fine."

We didn't get to go [out] a lot, but we never missed church service. On Saturday night, she would roll our hair on bobby pins and polish everyone's shoes. We awoke to our starched and ironed clothes, polished shoes, and beauty shop hair waiting on someone from church to pick us up.

She became the [church] Youth Director and on Friday night [she always] had a social at the church, from a dance to a cake walk or a simple bonfire. [We] never thought about the sacrifices she made just so we would have a safe, happy upbringing.

Years passed, and she met a man who became my stepfather. [They were] married for six years when cancer took him. She still had her faith in God. Later, she dated an old friend of the family whom I call my stepdad today.

Her faith in God has never failed her.

She so deserves this!

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