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New gun owner gets drunk, goes on random shooting spree

(SOURCE: Germantown PD) (SOURCE: Germantown PD)

Germantown police said a new gun owner was armed, drunk, and dangerous when he opened fire on the city streets.

Police said they found the man hiding behind a bush. A gun was just a few feet behind him, along with a bottle of whiskey in a backpack.

Police arrested Nathan Ellah after they said he took his newly purchased gun and began randomly firing off shots near Poplar Avenue and Bedford Lane.

The gun Ellah had just purchased, and used to fire shots, was a Ruger LCR .38 caliber, according to police.

Officers said they were in fear of their lives as they heard the gunshots go off, but they were able to place Ellah in custody after the gunshots stopped. 

"It is a shock to me," neighbor Eros Armendariz said. "So far fetched I can't believe it."

Armendariz is Ellah's neighbor and said the 25-year-old has some issues, but this is a lot even for him.

"I'm really surprised by that. Nathan's never really caused any trouble around here," Armendariz said. "He did have a drinking problem, but he got help I think."

According to court records, Ellah was arrested in 2015 for assault, public intoxication, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. 

But, Armendariz said Ellah never resorted to gun violence. 

"Nathan's not the type of guy that would harm anyone like that," he said. "Tryin' to have some fun. He was drunk."

No one was hurt in the random gunfire. 

Armendariz said his neighbor has had plenty of wake up calls before. He hopes this will be the one that will help him.

"I think this should be the one. I'm praying that this is the one," Armendariz said.

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