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Meeting held to discuss location of new Germantown school

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A meeting about a new school in Germantown was very interactive Wednesday night.

Germantown residents were able to work together to complete a form to choose their top locations for where the new school might be located.

The meeting followed a week of concern for some residents who signed an online petition against one of the possible locations. The procedure and how the meeting was handled pleased many parents.

"I think it's great how they are having it done," Houston High parent Cynthia Elliott said. "From the far west to the far east."

Elliott said the meeting was a step in the right direction and a chance to voice her opinion on which property is the best choice for a new Germantown municipal school that will be built. She is just one of more than 100 people that attended the forum.

"They've asked us to rate them as citizens, which ones we think would be most appropriate for the new school," Germantown resident Carol Peterson said.

Residents rated 15 possible locations for the new school. It's a decision officials know will not be an easy one to make.

"I think there is always fear, because they worry about where their child is going to go to school, are they going to get rezoned from the school they are very happy with," district member Jason Manuels said.

But for some, it was a little too fast.

"I just thought the whole thing was moving really fast," Claire vanDrimmelen  said.

Earlier this month, the Board of Aldermen and Mayor voted to review a location on Winchester Road and Crestwyn Drive. 

"I know that our schools are overcrowded, but we can wait on something that is an excellent choice for the city," vanDrimmelen said.

The school board tabled the discussion of the land on Winchester until the forum could happen. The next step is for all the suggestions from the forum to be reviewed by the school board and a choice will be made.

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