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WMC, SCS, SchoolSeed fundraise for families in need

Ernest Jett (left), Cameron Hollingsworth-Jett (top), Alonzo Ward (right), Diamond Jett (bottom) Ernest Jett (left), Cameron Hollingsworth-Jett (top), Alonzo Ward (right), Diamond Jett (bottom)

You can help hundreds of families in South Memphis while honoring the children killed in the Severson Avenue fire.

Seven children and three adults were killed in the fire. Memphis Fire Department said the cause of the fire was due to a malfunction in an A/C unit power cord.

To honor the memory of the children killed in the fire, Cummings Elementary School is creating a Family Resource Center.

WMC Action News 5 is partnering with Shelby County Schools and the SchoolSeed Foundation to hold a fundraiser to help make the resource center a success.

The money raised will go toward buying a washer and dryer and putting them in a new family support center at Cummings. The washer and dryer will be there so students can have clean clothes to wear to school.

Vincent McCaskill with SchoolSeed said the resource center is necessary to help those families in need.

“It’s needed because you’ve got people in the community around that school who may not have access to some of the things that you and I have access to,” McCaskill said. “This will help them help the students so the students can focus on school work and not what’s going on in their individual lives.”

According to Shelby County Schools, 29,000 students chronologically missed school in 2015. Since then, SCS, SchoolSeed and the Memphis Grizzlies teamed up to make sure students made it to school.

A school in St. Louis, Missouri did something similar to what Cummings Elementary is trying to accomplished, after the principal noticed consistent student absences. The principal said students often stayed home out of embarassment due to dirty clothes.

Here’s how you can donate.

In addition to being able to donate online, you can also make your donation over the phone or through the mail. Please call (901) 207-1472 or send your donation to one of the following addresses:

SchoolSeed Foundation
P.O. Box 111169
Memphis, TN 38111

2670 Union Avenue Extended
Suite 1123
Memphis, TN 38112

Every dollar amount counts to making this center possible.

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