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Children's clothing store hopes for help identifying shoplifting suspect


Germantown Police Department is looking for a woman who stole from a children's clothing store.

The woman was caught on camera stealing from Spoiled Sweet on September 17. The business is located at 2011 Exeter Road.

"We found hangers--empty hangers. That's always a bad sign," store owner Kendra Vickery said.

They said when they found the hangers, they began looking at their surveillance video footage and saw a woman taking a $64 dress of a hanger and stuffing it in her purse. She then grabbed a $15 hair bow and walked out of the store. 

"Angry, just angry someone had stolen from us," Vickery said. "We wanted to get it out there and just see if somebody recognized that person and maybe other business owners had dealt with her."

The Vickery's believe the woman has stolen from other places in the past, because when they watched the video, they said she appeared to know what she was doing.

"She was watching employees," Vickery said. "We had other customers in the store. She was very aware of what was going on around her."

Spoiled Sweet has taken to social media to ask someone to come forward with information on the identity of the woman.

"Unfortunately, we are asking for your help in identifying an individual that decided to help herself to an outfit and bow and leave without paying for it," Spoiled Sweet wrote on Facebook. "It gives us no pleasure to have to do this. However, we are not a big box store that can afford to absorb shoplifting losses as a cost of doing business. There are real people behind businesses like ours. This business is how we pay our mortgage, for our kids' educations, provide jobs, donate to causes, and pay taxes right here in our beloved Germantown."

If you know the identity of the woman, call Crime Stoppers at 901-757-2274.

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