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Local Music Review: Devices Divide Us

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

Devices Divide Us has just released their three-song EP, Devices. If you’re a fan of the hard rock/metal scene in Memphis, this is definitely worth checking out. 

Devices Divide Us consists of former members of Surrender the Fall, Arvada, This Tragic Day, and Empire City. I, for one, am glad these guys started up this project. This three song release is aggressive, tight, and most importantly, coherent. 

What sticks out of this the most is the rhythm work of drummer Ed Harris along with bassist Stephen Freeman and guitarists J.D. Summerfield and Landon Fox working on the same page. So often there are acts that work as four different forces, not Devices Divide Us. The band transitions seamlessly as one throughout these songs. They have done their homework as a band and it shows.

The vocals of Matt Mages really shine through as well. His voice gets your attention from the start of the opening track “As You Wish,” pulls you in, and as you get a grasp of what’s happening with the song, his vocals move from aggressive to melodic. This is a pleasant change from loud, hardcore acts that only have one dynamic.

Bottom line, these guys know what they’re doing. My favorite track on this release is the opening “As You Wish” (you can check out their music video
). This song is gritty and aggressive, but also comes with a pretty strong message.

Something I’ve discovered recently is that this band is great to have playing in your ear buds while working out; go ahead, try it.   

You can check out Devices Divide Us on Facebook as well as Spotify and iTunes.  If you’re looking to see them live, your next chance is this Saturday, October 1st at Minglewood Hall with Surrender the Fall, Prosevere, and Arise From Silence. 

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