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Local Music Review: Kphonix

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When you think of Memphis music, typically one thinks of the rock and roll of Elvis Presley or the blues of B.B. King, the vintage Sun Studios or Beale Street. But, in the modern Memphis music scene, occasionally an act comes along that is so different than the norm and sometimes even can’t be classifiable. That act would be Kphonix.

In the past, they’ve gone by Kaleidophonix, a trip-hop act that has produced the love child of pop, disco, synth, rock, and classical music. These mask-wearing troubadours have a unique sound that's  fun, danceable, and all original. You need to look no further than their latest studio effort Into the Woods.

From the opening track “When It’s Tasty,” with it’s acoustic guitar and synth opening to the “if Stevie Wonder dabbled in hip-hop” track “Doin Stuff,” this 28 minute, seven song release is worth the subscription fee to Spotify Premium alone.  If you give this a listen, I almost guarantee you’ll listen to it again.

As you listen to this project, you can hear influences from endless artists. Matt White has intricately composed these songs with so many elements, but it’s not a cluster of sounds. In the final track “Doin Stuff,” you can hear influences of Michael Jackson’s Bad combined with the electric organ sound of Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book mixed with modern pop elements. In “When It’s Tasty,” you can hear funk and disco-era rhythms and bass grooves combined with classical string arrangements. This project keeps you guessing and entertained while you do.

Bottom line, this is one of the most original sounds in the Memphis music scene. Give them a listen here.

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