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New app helps track the Zika virus

(Source: NBC News) (Source: NBC News)

As the number of reported Zika cases continues to grow nationwide, health experts and officials are trying to find new ways to fight the virus.

Now, there’s new phone application that will help track Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases

Health experts say the peak season for mosquitoes is in October.

McAllen Texas’ health director is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and the University of Arizona to promote a new mobile application known as “Kidenga."

Kidenga will ask users to report their health status and mosquito activity near their home on a weekly basis.

It will also keep users informed on the latest news related to mosquito-borne diseases, and have complete information on preventing and fighting those diseases.

Health officials all over the country will also benefit from the new application.

Kidenga has only been tested on states near the Mexican border that have lots of mosquito activity, but it will
eventually be used all over the nation.

The new application is available for all android and iOS cell phones.

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