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Man survives 2 bear attacks in the same day

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A man was mauled twice by the same grizzly bear in Montana over the weekend.

Todd Orr posted videos and pictures to social media showing the aftermath of the attacks. 

Orr said he was hiking through Madison Valley on Saturday morning when he came across a sow and her cub. 

When the bear charged Orr, he deployed bear spray in an effort to deter her. The bear ran through the bear spray and proceeded to attack.

Orr said he dropped to the ground, curled into a ball, and protected his neck. 

Mobile users: Click here to see pictures of Orr's injuries.

He said the bear's bites felt like a "sledgehammer with teeth." He said the bear stopped for a few seconds and then continued biting. She eventually left, but a few minutes later, she returned with a vengeance.

"I couldn't believe this was happening a second time!" Orr wrote. "Why me? I was so lucky the first attack, but now I questioned if I would survive the second."

After more bites and clawing, the bear decided to stand on Orr, crushing his body into the ground. He played dead until she finally gave up and walked away. 

Orr gathered himself and returned to his truck. There, he took pictures of his wounds, contacted the nearest hospital and recorded a video on Facebook.

Below you can watch that video: 

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