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Vandal targets U of M athlete's car, leaves note with racial slur

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

A Memphis Tigers student athlete was turned into a victim after someone went a step beyond damaging her car.

The athlete said she feels like she was targeted for the attack.

"On the note, it's just like a, you know, slur words that I don't use," University of Memphis student Nicole Lawson said.

The note contained a racial slur followed by an expletive and then 'North Carolina.'

"Uh, this is not cool," she said. "Like, I kind of just really almost like lost it like completely."

It was upsetting and Lawson thinks it was her license plate that caused her to be a target of a vandal.

"Because of what's happening in Charlotte," she said. "So, that's how I feel that it's because I'm from Charlotte."

The track and field student-athlete had already talked to her coach about feelings she was having over the unrest in her hometown.

"He just basically told me everything's going to get better," Lawson said. "And, then the next day for that to happen, I was just's not getting better."

As for her car, the scratch was deep and cannot be patched over. It's estimated it will cost $800 to get it fixed.

"I'm glad that something happened to I guess my car instead of me, because, I mean, that's something that can get fixed," Lawson said.

She said it is something that can be fixed but not forgotten.

"It just kind of made me view the school a little different," she said. "Or, view the people here differently."

But, rather than getting angry, or seeking revenge, Lawson said she really just feels sorry for a person she thinks is a coward.

"I really feel as if they have a problem, then they need to, you know, get help, because that's not going to solve anything," she said.

Even though there were cameras all over the lot where her car was parked, none of them were pointed at the spot her car was at. So, she's hoping someone saw something that could help police catch whoever is responsible.

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