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Mid-South residents assist with Hurricane Matthew relief

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Florida residents received a warning to prepare for a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew. Evacuations are now underway in the area expected to receive the hit.

The Category 4 hurricane, with speeds of up to 145 mph, has already ripped through the Caribbean.

"This can do catastrophic damage, especially in some of the smaller towns," WMC Action news 5 meteorologist Spencer Denton said.

Thousands of National Guardsmen are ready to be activated and help is on the way from the Mid-South.

Hurricane Matthew could rip through Florida later this week, but the residents of the Sunshine state could receive some much needed help from people in the Mid-South.

"It's hard, hard work," Tim Devereux, Red Cross, said.

But, instead of running away, the husband and wife team Tim and Tena Devereux are driving to Florida to help with the relief effort as part of the Red Cross.

"We are expecting a lot of wind damage," Devereux said. "We are expecting a lot of water damage. Probably utilities will be out."

So, they are packing up their Red Cross truck with water and various other supplies and are making their way to Tallahassee Tuesday. 

It's a place they will call home for two weeks.

"You got fix 'em up. You cant't do it if you stay away," Devereux said.

But, the help they provide goes beyond supplies.

"If you can get them to laugh or giggle or get a little or get a little chatter, that's a great thing," Devereux said.

A great thing - especially in the most difficult of circumstances.

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