FedEx employee accused of stealing $20K worth of iPhones

FedEx employee accused of stealing $20K worth of iPhones

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A FedEx employee is behind bars after police said he stole thousands of dollars worth of Apple iPhones.

According to Memphis Police Department, FedEx Loss Prevention notified officers that Edrick Dean, 22, had been captured on surveillance video putting a Nike label on a box of 31 Apple iPhones. The box of iPhones was valued at $21,700.

Investigators said Dean assembled the phones and then put them in a larger box, that Dean orchestrated would be delivered to an address of his choosing.

FedEx intercepted the box before it was delivered to Dean's chosen location.

FedEx employees, detectives with the Memphis Cargo Theft Task Force, and Union Station Task Force officers delivered the shipment of 31 Apple iPhones to the residence Dean had selected.

A detective conducting surveillance in the area saw Dean put the box in the back of his orange 2010 Camaro. Officers then converged on the scene.

MPD documents said Dean signed a consent for officers to search his Camaro. They discovered the box in the trunk and inside the box was a small box containing white socks. They also found a shipping receipt that contained a name and address that matched the shipping label on the box that contained the shipment of 31 phones.

Dean was arrested and charged with theft of property $10,000-$60,000.

He is scheduled to appear in court October 7.

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