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Residents file lawsuit against Lausanne over noise and traffic concerns

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Memphis neighbors are joining together to file a lawsuit against a private school, because they say it is too loud and causes major traffic problems. 

The loud noise from the football games and the traffic on the narrow street by the school are some of the examples residents are using in the 145 page lawsuit to prove there is a problem.

"It is what it is when you live near a school," Melanie Chase said.

Chase lives near the school and said she is not bothered by the issues, but she does understand her neighbors' concerns.

"It's just a constant bit of traffic," Chase said.

The lawsuit said during peak arrival and departure times, residents often face an unreasonable amount of traffic during year round extracurricular activities. Even to the point where residents are prevented from accessing their own homes and driveways.

"If I lived in one of these homes and they were parking in my driveway, that would be an issue," Chase said.

The residents sent a letter to the headmaster and the trustees in July expressing their concerns about the volume of traffic and unsafe conditions. 

The lawsuit says since 2003, Lausanne has rapidly expanded and they're concerned about any future campus expansion.

The headmaster released a statement that reads:

"We are all fortunate to be in this wonderfully leafy neighborhood, and we all enjoy it. That's why the communications with us for neighbors have been ongoing. We're always open and receptive to have open discussions."

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