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A piece of history revealed by Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew caused a lot of problems along the east coast including flood and wind damage. But the high wind and storm surge also revealed a piece of history. Old Civil War cannonballs were unearthed from the sand in Folly Beach in Charleston, SC. Charleston County Sheriff's office snapped the photo and said they found them Sunday afternoon. Bomb squad members detonated some of the ordance and the rest of it was transported to a nearby Navy base.

This is not the first time strong surge has left something on the beach. I went down to Edisto Beach after Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and found a mountain of seashells piled several feet high. Many of them were large conch shells (the ones that sound like ocean waves). Unfortunately, many of the conch shells were broken in transport from the ocean bottom to the beach. But I was still able to get a shoe box full of good shells. The moral of the story...you never know what you will find on the beach after a hurricane! 

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