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Holly Springs dog possibly used as fighting bait

(Source: In Defense of Animals) (Source: In Defense of Animals)
(Source: In Defense of Animals) (Source: In Defense of Animals)

An animal protection organization is offering a $2,500 reward for information that could lead to the arrest of the people who used a Holly Springs dog as "bait."

On Wednesday, September 21, a Holly Springs Animal Control officer was called to remove a stray dog from a man's shed. When she got into the shed, she saw the dog hiding and said he was injured and terrified. The officer said there were wounds on his head crawling with maggots.

A doctor at Willow Bend Animal Clinic said he would be able to treat the dog's injuries. As the dog began his long road to recovery, doctors named him "Chance."

In Defense of Animals, a national animal protection organization, joined the effort to determine what happened to Chance.  IDA's Justice For Animals campaign director Doll Stanley believes that Chance was the victim of "baiting," a practice in which dogs are used to train other dogs to fight.

According to IDA, bait dogs are generally tied up or subdued so they cannot fight back.  Then, another dog is set upon the bait dog as practice. Dog baiting and fighting are both felonies in Mississippi.

“The severity of the injuries to Chance’s head are indicative of wounds inflicted by a dog who has been trained to kill,” Stanley said.

IDA is looking for information that confirms Chance was a victim of baiting and leads to the arrest of the people responsible for the crime.  IDA is offering a $2,500 reward.

IDA is also asking for information that would reunite Chance with his guardian. Once he is released from the clinic, Chance will go to a foster home.

“This barbaric crime should be a concern to every citizen,” Stanley said. “Dog fighting is driven by 'blood money,' gambling, and drags communities down with associated drug and even weapons dealing. The fact that dog fighting falls under one of Mississippi State’s few felony animal cruelty statutes speaks to the severe threat level it poses to society. Please contact us if you have any information that may help us find whoever is involved in this violent crime.”

Anyone with information is asked to call IDA at (415)448-0048 or Holly Springs Animal Control at (662)544-1663.

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