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Rash of car burglaries has Germantown residents on edge

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In the past two days, Germantown police received several reports of car burglaries, the majority of which came from one neighborhood. But police said some of the break-ins are atypical for this area of town.

Police said most crooks are looking for an easy grab, which is why they check for unlocked car doors. But Tuesday night, police
said a trio of thieves fired back when the car owner caught them in the act at this shopping center.

It started off as an ordinary night for Ezequiel Hernandez as he left Forrest Hill Grill with coworkers around 10:30 Tuesday night.

As Hernandez walked the path from the restaurant to the parking lot, he noticed someone was in his truck.

“Their car was parked super close to my truck, and when they did, they just jumped out of my window to their window,” Ezequiel Hernandez said.

Hernandez says the getaway car was parked right next to him.

“I see on the driver side a guy has a gun and I see on the passenger side a guy has a gun too, and they rolled the window and he pointed to me and I ran and they fired the gun,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez managed to catch a partial tag number of "L04" off the Mississippi plate before police said the three made off with his radio, wallet, and passport.

Germantown Police mark this as the sixth auto burglary this week.

Just a few miles from the restaurant, several neighbors on Corsica Drive reported several items missing from their cars.

Pat Speltz didn't realize she was one of the four on her street until the next day when she couldn't find her purse that she left on the kitchen table.

“I just thought, I cannot believe it. I was asleep on my sofa, and these people were walking around my house,” said Pat Speltz.

Speltz believes the burglar found the house key inside her husband's unlocked car. She found her car ransacked too.

Of the things taken from inside the home, the most precious items were her family heirlooms.

Germantown police said it's possible all the neighborhood break-ins are connected to the same person or group.

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