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Drivers stunned when hundreds of slithery snakes take over road

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Source: NBC Source: NBC
Sarasota County, FL (WMC) -

Hundreds of snakes have found their way onto a road in South Florida. The hundreds of snakes slithered onto a blacktop road in Sarasota County in an attempt to warm themselves on the blacktop.

Police said the snakes are harmless banded water snakes. Harmless, yes. Creepy, definitely. They took over both lanes of the road, turning the asphalt into a pulsing nightmare for anyone with Ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes). 

But unfortunately for the snakes, they were in much more danger than any driver. Many were run over by passing vehicles and didn't survive the adventure. 

While the snakes are not venomous, they do bite. That didn't stop some people from trying to save them. They snatched up the snakes and put them in bags and other containers to get them off the road. 

"They're animals and they deserved to be saved, and it's sad that they are all being killed on the road at no fault of their own. They are just trying to get to safety. So, we are trying to assist them," Lucille Vautier said.

A Sarasota County worker said the snakes were also on the move because a pond was dried in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.

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