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Residents puzzled after string of late night break-ins downtown

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Memphis Police Department continues to receive reports of late night break-ins that are happening in many buildings around South Main and Front Street. Those living downtown are puzzled about how the person(s) is getting inside.

The person behind these crimes doesn't appear to be interested in going inside residences, instead, he manages to bypass building security and go straight to storage units. 

The Nettleton is now taking bold action against the man believed to be responsible for several of its late-night break-ins. Pictures from the security camera are posted on the front door, a warning to any unwelcome guest that someone is watching.

Several other apartment buildings in the South Main area of Downtown Memphis reported similar break-ins. Each time, the person skirted around the buildings' security systems and walked away with bikes and other small, but valuable, items.

“We couldn't figure out how they got in and out through locked doors, fob keys, passwords, a gate,” said Stephanie Blanton.

It happened three times already in the St. Martin Condos where Blanton lives. While her basement storage unit wasn't touched, she said the thief continues to hit neighboring storage units, leaving locks still bolted to the gates.

Despite adding more security in the condo, residents in the St. Martin building believe the man was back inside again this past weekend, this time, even stealing part of the new security camera recording equipment.

“Well it's scary for anybody, because they could walk out and you can come in here or the workout faculty, or you just walk down to go outside and you
don't know if someone is going to be in here. That's what really scary,” Blanton added.

Blanton now leaves a Bible out in her storage unit to remind the person behind the crimes that a higher power is watching.

Memphis Police Department alerted its officers who patrol the neighborhoods to be on the lookout. Security companies are also aware of the string of thefts.

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