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Downtown storage unit burglaries continue to plague residents

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

A string of burglaries continues to plague Downtown Memphis, specifically those who use storage units. 

For people like Don Williams, a trip to the storage unit to retrieve items or store your belongings ended up in a sinking reality--the unit had been ransacked.

"They cut the wire and this was, you see, it's still lose. They took a crowbar and crowbarred it open," William said, who became one of the victims of the burglaries about a month ago. He's not alone.

He said whoever gained access to his building on 420 South Front Street took more than a dozen bicycles, electronics, and other goods from more than 20 storage units.

"So it had to be numerous people, it had to be in the middle of the night, and it had to happen pretty quickly," Williams said.

He is just one of the victims in a continuous spree of burglaries hitting Downtown Memphis.

Posters in front of 648 Riverside Drive show a man residents believe stole several expensive bicycles from storage.

Last week, management at the Van Vleet apartments sent out an email saying they got hit too. One way they think the burglars might be getting in is simply by sliding in as someone holds the door.

A photo surveillance camera at Van Vleet snapped a picture of the suspect.

The building Williams lives in has cameras too, but they were not working the night of the burglaries.

He said something needs to be done to stop the burglaries.

"It's a pattern that someone needs to figure out. Someone needs to arrest people and they need to go to jail. Once they get to jail, this will stop," Williams said. "It's not OK to steal another people's things, period."

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