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2 men arrested for vandalizing 30 vehicles

John Forrester (left) and Steve Biggers (right) have been arrested and face charges for vandalism (SOURCE: SCSO) John Forrester (left) and Steve Biggers (right) have been arrested and face charges for vandalism (SOURCE: SCSO)

Memphis police put two people behind bars in connection with the vandalism of approximately 30 vehicles last Thursday in East Memphis.

Steve Biggers, 42, and John Forrester, 21, are behind bars after police said they were responsible for the vehicle vandalism.

According to police, all the vehicles that were vandalized were defaced with spray paint. 

"Some of the vehicles had gang names or signs painted on them, while others just had random markings," MPD wrote on its Facebook. "During the course of the investigation, video footage was obtained of a suspect vehicle." Investigators learned that car, a Kia, had been stolen a few days before the vandalism took place.

Words like 'Crips' and 'Vice Lords' were just some of the things residents were scrubbing off their cars after the accused vandals hit the vehicles. 

"She was able to get it off. It was just inconvenient," one victim's roommate, Kalona Gryskwicez, said.

Sunday, police found Biggers and placed him under arrest. They were also able to recover the stolen Kia and empty cans of spray paint. The Kia was discovered in Biggers' backyard.

Biggers admitted to police that he stole the Kia and was responsible for several of the vandalisms. 

The following day investigators were able to locate Forrester. 

According to MPD, Forrester also confessed to spray painting multiple vehicles and vandalizing them.

Those close to the two men said they're not surprised at the arrests.

"We didn't know that was going on until she told us the cops were here this morning," Biggers' neighbor Tabitha Dominick said.

Dominick lives next door to Biggers and was home when his accused accomplice, Forrester, was arrested. She said her family became suspicious after a garage behind his home had foul language spray painted on it.

"I was angry. I don't want that around my home," Dominick said.

Biggers is charged with theft of property and felony vandalism. Forrester is charged with felony vandalism.

Dominick said she is not shocked at the allegations against Biggers.

"He's one of these guys where he is just off the hock," Dominick said. "He is mad at the world and he doesn't care."

As for the people left to clean up the mess, they said they're thankful for the arrests but they still have one question.

"Why would someone do that to people so randomly?" Gryskwicez asked.

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