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After Months of Speculation, Big 12 Decides NOT to Expand

Big 12 says 'no' to expansion

University of Memphis Tigers (Source: Austin McAfee) University of Memphis Tigers (Source: Austin McAfee)
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For everyone who thought the Big 12 looked just plain goofy for the dog and pony show it put on regarding conference expansion, it looks like the league is laughing all the way to the bank by saying no Monday to schools wanting to join the Power 5 party.

The conference announced it will not expand beyond its 10 current members as it "continues to explore options to improve revenue."

Translated, that means the Big 12 strung this whole deal out while getting its TV partners, ESPN and Fox, to ante up more money to keep the league the same size.

ESPN and Fox began lobbying expanding the Big 12 to add candidates, like Memphis, BYU, Houston and Cincinnati, would "dilute the product." Their contracts run through 2025.

The silver lining for Memphis, it's current home, the American Athletic Conference, won't be raided by the Big 12 for the foreseeable future.

The AAC is seen as the top conference outside the Power 5.

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