Here's a look at our Tuesday morning headlines - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Here's a look at our Tuesday morning headlines

Good Tuesday morning!!

Memphis police arrested a man they say tried to run over an officer, not once, but twice. Officers eventually made an arrest. Details on what happened this morning in a live report.

A man has been spotted peeking into windows and hanging out on people's porches in the High Point Terrace neighborhood of Memphis.  We have video of the man and we'll show it to you this morning.

A man was working on a home when he was approached by several robbers.  However, he had a weapon and actually turned the tables on the robbers.This is the information we are getting from police this morning.
Memphis Police Department announced a program called "Blue Path." It will help move young people into the police force.  The goal is to recruit 150 people into the program. We'll explain how it works this morning.

In the Alert Center,  we are updating you on stories that are happening right now...including Iraqi and US forces fighting to retake Mosul and high speed internet coming to Memphis. The Alert Center is your vehicle for news that is happening right now or news that has happened while you were sleeping.

Temps still in the high 80s again today, cooler weather coming this weekend. We could see rain this week. Details on that and traffic no more than 7 mins away on WMC Action News 5.

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 Join us as we get going this morning on WMC Action News 5 from 4:30-7am with all of your news, weather, and traffic!

Andrew Douglas

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