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U of M President Says What's Next after Big 12 Snub

Tigers ready to move on from Big 12 snub

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Now that we can all put this Big 12 Expansion bugaboo to bed, what's the reaction from the University of Memphis?

The Tigers tried mightily to position themselves at the forefront of the conversation, from upping Coaches Salaries, improving facilities and their play on the field, to enlisting the help of heavy hitter FedEx to boost not only theirs, but the Big 12's financial coffers.

In the end, none of it worked, the Big 12 yesterday deciding against expansion.

Speaking today at the Rotary Club of Memphis, U of M President Dr. David Rudd said the process was definitely NOT a waste of time, but a teaching tool on what to do in the future.

"We've got to make long-term investments." Dr. Rudd said. "I've learned the landscape in higher ed, both academically and athletically, is incredibly competitive. It is a year-in and year-out investment process. We've got that vision. We will continue to invest. We will continue to compete. And we will continue to grow. You can't maintain status quo. Status quo ultimately means you slide further and further behind. We're invested for growth."

Rudd said he believes the U of M did everything it could to convince the Big 12 on inclusion.

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