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De-annexation Task Force hears opinions of citizens

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Three Memphis areas are threatening to de-annex from the city.

Thursday people for and against the de-annexation gathered in a room to let their opinions be heard.

The controversy all started in March 2016 when state legislatures tried to allow about a dozen Memphis areas to leave the city. All of the areas were annexed by the city in 1999, but now they want to split off and just be part of Shelby County.

Of the dozen areas discussed in March, Southwind, Windyke, and South Cordova were most represented at Thursday's meeting.

People living in those areas said they didn't want to be annexed into Memphis in the first place. Those citizens say Memphis violated state laws in 1999 when they forced them to join the city.

Those three areas are also costing Memphis more to keep in the city than they are bringing in with tax revenue.

Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland said allowing those areas to de-annex from Memphis would help the county.

"It actually helps us when it comes to the fire department, because they'd be paying more fire fees, makes the pot bigger, brings the cost of the fire department down," Roland said.

A consultant for the city is looking into how much it would cost to allow Southwind, Windyke, and South Cordova to leave Memphis.

The consultant is also looking into whether the citizens would still owe Memphis money if their neighborhoods de-annexed.

The De-annexation Task Force in charge of Thursday's meeting has a lot of information to take in and analyze. Citizens and government leaders alike hope the task force can come up with some answers on how to proceed with the de-annexation controversy.

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