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Court and jail website will soon see upgrades, changes

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

It's a long overdue makeover for the Shelby County Court system. 

The decades old Shelby County Court system is getting an upgrade, but it could also lead to problems for hundreds of people trying to access court records.

Staff members working on the project provided training to employees with the Shelby County Justice System on Monday regarding the long awaited upgraded computer system.

The new upgraded system is set to launch November 7, but systems will be temporarily offline beginning on November 1.

Those working on the project said the upgrades will increase the ability for many citizens to access records.

"We're really held back in a lot of ways because of our older technologies," project manager Ed Raper said.

Raper said the upgrade is called Odyssey. It's a project that is six years in the making. Its goal is to modernize the current system, which is out of date. For those wanting access to records, the new system will be able to provide the information more efficiently and faster than ever before.

"Easier to access both from the public, private attorneys, judges when they're hearing cases," Raper said. 

Information delivered right to their fingertips by way of apps on cell phones and other mobile devices.

Resident Devan Turner said it makes resources available to some who have been overlooked.

"Some people just don't have direct contact to a computer at the house at the proper time, so the majority of everybody got a cell phone," Turner said.

With so much change coming, Raper said there could be a few hiccups.

"It'll be a little slow getting that information out just the way people are use to receiving that information," Raper said.

If something happens and the upgrade fails, those working on the project said there is a Plan B. If the upgrade fails by the deadline on November 6, they are prepared to return to the old version.

As for the jail kiosk, it will be online but it will not be updated after November 2.

During the system's down time, you will be able to receive current information on cases by calling the court clerk or going to court in person.

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