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Emmy-winning Laura Linney visits Bluff City for cancer talk

Laura Linney (Source: WMC Action News 5) Laura Linney (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Mid-Southerners flocked to Peabody Hotel on Friday to hear from Emmy and Tony-award winning actress Laura Linney.

Linney spoke passionately about the plight of cancer survivors and victims at this year’s Methodist Healthcare Foundation Cancer Center Luncheon.

This was Linney’s first trip to the Bluff City. She said the Mighty Mississippi lived up to its nickname.

"I've never seen it before; it takes your breath away,” Linney said. “It's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful."

She was only in town for a brief visit, but said she cannot wait to visit again.

Her father Romulus, a famous New York playwright, died of cancer. She’s also lost several other family members and friends to the disease.

“It's like being hit by a freight train,” she said.

Her trip to Memphis was to spread awareness.

"That everyone's in this together. That cancer is a big, bad, horrible monster who has overstayed his welcome,” she said. “Daddy needs to be slayed."

It’s one reason she played a terminally ill cancer patient in Showtime’s “The Big C.”

Before she took the stage, she spoke about another struggle in her life—her struggle to have children.

"So when it did happen for me at age 49, it all made sense,” Linney said. “Because it was not the fact I wasn't able to have a child, it was the fact I was able to have this child."

She said she’s found a silver lining to the presidential election that’s helping to shape the world in which her son will grow up.

"It certainly has redirected everyone's attention,” she said. “There are still problems with male-female relationships and certainly, that bleeds through into work and economics and health care and all of that."

Linney’s upcoming film, a psychological thriller directed by Tom Ford, hits theaters November 4.

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