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Designer purses for rent

There's a web site out there called Bag Borrow or Steal, where you can rent the latest high fashion handbags. You can get a membership, anything from a trend setter for about $20 a month to a diva for about $100. One of our sister stations decided to put the web site to the test. Before the holidays they ordered several purses, the orders where confirmed, but a few days later were told the purses were out of stocks. It took weeks to finally get a purse that was ordered. So they tried again this month, this time with the DIVA membership they ordered a LuLu Guiness Limited Edition bag that sales for nearly $1,000. It arrived days later. Several other bags were also ordered, and they all arrived immediately. "I think the fees are a little expensive, but I think it delivers what it said it would." So what it really comes down to is are you willing to spend anywhere from $20 to $150 a month to revolve your purse collection.
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