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Making the Grade: Enos and Bailey

It's been said that "A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary." Meet two more winners of this year's Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence. Lori Enos teaches her Richland Elementary school kindergartners to read using nursery rhymes. Now all the hard work seems like it's coming together. Lori Enos, RATE recipient said, "This time of year is most rewarding for me. I can read, I am a reader, so that's the biggest reward for me is when they know they're able to read." While students need to work in school and at home, Enos says it's also important to have fun in the process because she believes children learn best by doing. She has this advice for new teachers. "Make sure that they love it. It is a job you have to love from the bottom of your heart. I had been a mentor for new teachers but if they can survive...if they make it through that first year then they know they're going to make it as long as they love it from the bottom of their heart." Richland Elementary counselor Lisa Bailey believes her job plays a valuable part in every student's school life. Lisa Bailey, RATE recipient said, "Today, not only academic learning is important but also teaching children to be well rounded, have healthy lifestyle attitudes and attitudes towards living, to be positive, to be resilient and to face challenges." Bailey initiated peaceable schools, second step violence prevention and the no bullying programs at Richland in order to help make school a welcome place for the students. "I hope that I've made children feel valued, that I have made a warm and welcome place for them to learn."
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