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Biker Dad: Bikers team up with Cub Scouts to replace stolen camping trailer

Bikers help Cub Scouts replace stolen trailer Bikers help Cub Scouts replace stolen trailer
Source: Go Fund Me Source: Go Fund Me
Source: Go Fund Me Source: Go Fund Me

A community is coming together after a cruel crime against a Cub Scout pack. Someone stole their camping trailer and all of their gear earlier this month. The trailer vanished from the parking lot of a church in Walls, Mississippi. Saturday the pack, based in Walls and Horn Lake, got help from motorcycle riders at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson in Southaven, Mississippi. An employee of the shop baked fresh cookies for the kids to sell and they set up a stand in front of the store.

They’ll have to sell a lot of cookies go get a new trailer though. "We lost everything that was inside of it, all of our tents, all of our kitchen supplies, everything. It’s about 8 thousand dollars worth," said Megan Smith, a pack leader. "We searched everywhere around the building and it was nowhere to be found. All I could think of was who could do something like that to a church, to scouts? I didn’t understand it. I was very angry.”

Dan Silcox is a technician at Southern Thunder, and his stepsons are members of the pack. He says he wouldn't have been able to connect with his stepsons as well without the scouts. So when the theft happened, he asked the dealership to help out. Another employee bakes as a side business, she made the cookies. "Unfortunately sometimes life hands you lemons and you have to learn to make lemonade," said Silcox.

"I think it’s absolutely amazing and I’m grateful for everything they are doing," said Megan Smith. Her little brother, JJ Moritz is a member of the pack. I asked him what he thought about the bikers helping out. "I think they're all cool," he said.  

Megan's husband, Shaquille Smith agrees, "I think it’s awesome. I think it’s great that we have a helpful community.  Awesome people. People have bought chocolate and cookies like crazy all day." Smith says before this happened he had no clue how generous bikers were, "Absolutely not, I always thought they were rough, tough, beat you upside the head with a wrench people." Now he says, "they’re a bunch of big teddy bears" and laughs out loud. 

Silcox sees bikers doing good deeds all the time since he works at the dealership, but was still blown away by the support, "It’s amazing. I can’t express my gratitude. It’s phenomenal."

The scouts are hoping to raise the money before their planned camping trip the weekend before thanksgiving. If you'd like to help make that happen, you can donate on their Go Fund Me page here.

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