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Man held at gunpoint after trying to sell military flash bangs

Accent Guns & Loans (Source: WMC Action News 5) Accent Guns & Loans (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Thomas Bryan (Source: MPD) Thomas Bryan (Source: MPD)

A Memphis Police Department bomb squad responded to a pawn shop where one man tried to sell what was originally thought to be two hand grenades.

The customer walked into Accent Guns and Loans, located at 3632 Summer Avenue, just after 11 a.m. He was trying to sell two live military grade hand held explosives. The explosives were thought to be grenades, but they turned out to be flash bangs.

Officers arrived at the pawn shop to see employees holding Thomas Bryan, 34, at gunpoint. Employees said Bryan tried to leave the business without taking the flash bangs with him.

People who work in the area said they could tell something was going on.

Jay Childress was at work across the street from Accent Guns when he said he heard screaming coming from the business.

"I looked over across the street and a man, who I believe is one of the employees at the pawn shop, had a gentleman in a pickup truck, older pickup truck, at gunpoint," Childress said. "And the gentleman in the pickup truck had his hands outside the window."

Childress called police, but they were already on their way. 

"It was a very intense situation," Childress said. "Never know what could happen next. So, I was really surprised to see something like that going on."

Employees at Accent Guns said they were not able to comment on the incident. 

Those working nearby said they were not all that surprised at what happened.

Chris Coleman was working at the muffler shop across the street. 

"This area is crime-infested on both sides of the street," Coleman said. "But that just goes with the territory."

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