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Halloween party turns to Halloween nightmare when tires are slashed

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Several cars were vandalized, including tires slashed, during a weekend party near the University of Memphis.

Memphis police said the party started to wind down around 1 a.m. But, when those in attendance came outside to make their way home, most of them discovered their cars were vandalized. 

The cars were leaning to one side. Both of the tires on one side had been slashed. 

Now, the victims believe they know who did it.

"Anger and confusion," vandalism victim Savannah Boone said. "Ace Ventura was the one that told me. It was a Halloween party so he was just standing there looking at my car."

It wasn't the kind of the Halloween slashing made famous in the movies, but it was Boone's tires that were on the receiving end.

"It's just an inconvenience more than anything," Boone said. "Just because you never expect to see that coming out of a party after 30 minutes. Like, to have your car tires all leaning on the side."

Boone was one of approximately eight to 10 other victims that are feeling a little deflated as they work to get estimates on how much repairs will cost.

Police said the slasher was most likely a someone who arrived at the party uninvited and was asked to leave.

The victims filed police reports on the damage and are hoping the person responsible is caught soon.

However, police are still investigating and searching for the individual responsible.

The guests said it was a Halloween where everyone was supposed to have fun, but instead it ended when someone ruined it for several of them. 

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