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State rep. proposes repeal of voting selfie ban

Hardaway's selfie. (Source: Twitter) Hardaway's selfie. (Source: Twitter)
(Source: Justin Timberlake Instagram) (Source: Justin Timberlake Instagram)

A proposal to repeal the ban on selfies at polling places has been made.

Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway proposed a repeal on the ban on mobile electronic or communication devices at polling locations.

If passed, the repeal will take effect on July 1, 2017.

Last month, Justin Timberlake caused a stir when he posted a selfie at a voting booth on Instagram. While this was illegal, the Shelby County District Attorney's Office declined to seek charges.

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Currently, a selfie in the voting booth could result in a $50 fine or even 30 days behind bars.

"When Justin Timberlake made his move, it really started a movement," Hardaway said.

Hardaway continued the movement by taking a selfie of his own in a voting booth Thursday. The law, he said, impacts millenials, who use social media the most.

"This is about First Amendment free speech, freedom of expression," Hardaway said.

One of the reaons for the original law is that people could take selfies in the voting booth to prove that they cast their ballot a certain way in exchange for money, but state Senator Lee Harris said today's technology negates that possibility.

"It is impossible to generate photographic evidence that confirms how you vote," Harris said.

The other issue centers around privacy.

"It in no way impairs or hinders the ability for any other voter to be about their business to maintain their privacy," Hardaway said.

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