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City hopes ownership change can revitalize Raleigh Springs Mall area

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Raleigh Springs Mall could be owned by the city as soon as November 18.

The mall’s last remaining owner will enter a settlement with the city soon. November 18 is the tentative date for the court meeting. When the settlement is reached, the city will take ownership.

The city has big plans for the area. Those include a library, traffic precinct, police precinct, skate park, water feature, community orchard, green space, or a walking trail.

The credit for this achievement goes to Bill Morrison. He calls Raleigh a 'hidden jewel.'

"Raleigh is not only my home, it's the hidden jewel in this city, and what we have coming to us is going to be changing the direction of this city," Morrison said.

Plans for the new space were laid out earlier this year, when it was announced that a portion of the mall was to be demolished.

The mall has been long abandoned. Neighbors said they've seen rats and raccoons rummaging through the piles of trash. They hope to soon see a change.

"It looks like something from The Walking Dead set; it's sad," Raleigh resident John Coley said.

Joel Jackson has lived across from the mall for 13 years. He said the sad state of the mall has lowered his home's value by $30,000.

"It's because of the mall," Jackson said. "Before I came here, it was booming. Real booming. And everybody made money, and your house value rose."

Jackson and Coley are fans of the proposed renovations.

"I love the plan. I want the neighborhood to become what the neighborhood was built to be," Jackson said.

"I think it's a great plan," Coley said. "I think the city needs to do what it can to revitalize neighborhoods."

Joel has heard many ideas over the years to change the mall. He said he's out of patience for another failed plan.

"It's just a waste of your time, my time, and my money," Jackson said.

Neighbors have seen a future for the space for years, and hope this time a real change happens.

"This mall could be a beautiful thing again," Jackson said,

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