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Pot-bellied pig picks president using official pancake ballot

Source: Facebook, Rock 103 Source: Facebook, Rock 103

Every vote may count. But this one won't. It's not the type of polling analysts will be squealing about on election day. But Friday morning in Millington, Tennessee, a crowd gathered-round to watch a pot-bellied pig in a red Ken Bone sweater cast his vote. 

Gathered at an event staged by radio station Rock 103, called the Pancake Anti-Social, the crowd watched as Rufus the pot-bellied pig made his pick. Rufus sniffed the two possible ballot boxes, each with a stack of pancakes. Morning show DJs Ditch and Jake explained to the crowd that the first stack he dug into, would be his vote.

Apparently Rufus was not undecided like Mr. Bone. This pig went straight for ballot box number one, marking his vote with a snort and his snout. He pigged down the pancakes and wallowed in his own freedom. 

Watch Rufus vote:

Rufus was wearing a red sweater for a reason. Also in attendance, Ken Bone himself. He was wearing the famous red sweater that helped him become America's viral voting hero during the presidential debates. Ken Bone was about to reveal Rufus' pick to the crowd. They waited with bated breath as the ballot was revealed. Would he throw his bacon in the Hillary camp, or pork out with Donald?

Peeling away a layer of paper to reveal his pick, Bone announced that Rufus the pot-bellied pig had voted for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. And it was clearly a Trump crowd at the Haystack Bar and Grill, who cheered for the results. But there was some question whether the vote was rigged by flavoring the pancakes with "Trumpkin" spice.

Shelby County Commissioner, Terry Roland, a staunch Trump supporter, was also there. He promised to pass word of the early voting victory straight to Trump's camp. No sign yet of a Donald Trump response to the support from this political porker. But in this crowd near BBQ-loving Memphis, the vote probably saved Rufus from the pit.

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