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Biker Dad: They may look scary, but these bikers are ending child abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse Bikers Against Child Abuse

In the United States, a child abuse report is made every 10 seconds. It’s an epidemic. And the last people you might expect to fight that epidemic are adults who look tough, hard, even intimidating. But that’s exactly who is stepping up to help. They look tough and strong and even a little bit mean. That’s kind of the point. Bikers are getting together to help abused children, to put a wall between them and their abusers and make them feel safe despite everything they’ve been through.

A few days before Halloween, the Northern (Mississippi) Delta Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse gathered at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson in Southaven, Mississippi. They were surrounded by hundreds of children who came for a trunk or treat event. The BACA chapter cooked hot dogs and hamburgers, accepting donations to continue their important missions.

“We work with children who have been abuse and who are living in fear," said Penny Morrison, whose road name is Sideways, "we help empower them to not feel afraid. We spend time with them. We develop a trust relationship with them. We go to court with them when they have to testify. We just show up and show them that there are people in the world they can still trust.”

I asked Sideways why she personally felt compelled to get involved, “some childhood experiences of my own, and just a love for children," she replied. She may look tough, but she was clearly holding back the emotions. 

“Most of my life I’ve been big. Some people feel intimidated by me while kids feel safe around me” said Clinton McCait, road name "Bam." He said with a look like that, he had to get involved. 

“Motorcycles are a part of that whole biker image, the aura. We look strong. We look tough. We look a little scary," said Sideways, "the rumble of the bikes, it’s a little intimidating." She recounted a story when she was a member of a chapter in another state, "we  had a little girl who was very young, had a very severe case. As we were rolling away she looked at her friend and she said ‘you see all them bikers? It means I don’t gotta be scared of him anymore.’”

“If you have a child in your life, you know a child who’s being abused. Pay attention…and step up," said Sideways.

If you'd like to get involved, you can. Check out the Bikers Against Child Abuse website here.

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