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This is why Daylight Saving Time exists

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Millions of Americans will be setting their clocks back an hour and embracing an extra hour of sleep this weekend. On Sunday November 6 at 2 am, Daylight Saving Time will come to an end for the year. However, we recommend setting your clocks back before you go to sleep on Saturday. Don't forget the clocks on your appliances! 

The debate continues on whether or not we should still participate in Daylight Saving Time. So why does it exist?

Exactly a century ago in 1916, Germany started adjusting the clocks for Daylight Saving Time in order to save energy and fuel. The idea eventually entered America in 1918 and we started turning our clocks backwards and forwards to adjust for the seasonal hours of daylight. At the time, politicians said that Daylight Saving Time was in place to save fuel.

However, it later came out that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce were the main supporters of the act and the reasoning actually had to do with recreation. More daylight meant more time for people to shop, eat and play, which benefited the economy. 

The policies for Daylight Saving Time have changed several times over the past 100 years, but the U.S. has been enjoying 7 months of Daylight Saving Time since 1986. 

Minimal energy saving results have been reported and the commerce perks still seem to be the main drive. With Daylight Saving Time coming to an end on Sunday, we will all be turning on our lights a little sooner as darkness starts earlier. 

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