Ex-crook gives tips to keep homes safe from burglaries

Open garage doors offer an open invitations, according to ex-thief Bob Portenier.

"A guys out looking around for crimes of opportunity...sees a garage door open and says, there's a mountain bike or there's a couple of sets of golf clubs. It would take, what? A minute or less to load those up. You can get some pretty good money from a fence or somebody that buys stolen property," said Portenier.

Portenier served years in prison for his crimes of the 1970s. Now he's a crime educator, devoted to helping folks in this Cordova house, for example. Security bars would keep you out of the front door but the garage is another story.

"That door from the garage into the house...it's not locked. I'll bet you 20 bucks on that, too," said Portenier. Over in Harbortown, garage doors are generally secured but crimes of opportunity have occured.

"There have ben cars stolen out of garages, furniture stolen off of porches, my husband has to cable lock his bike," he said. "This is how you prevent a crime. You make it difficult for a thief to steal something."

Bob also suggests adding a padlock on the inside slide rails of your garage door when you're away for an extended period.

The MPD has many burglary prevention tips available on their website.