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Transcript: racially-charged rant goes viral

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An encounter in a parking lot has all of the Mid-South talking. An apparent road rage incident ended with a long racially-charged tirade in a parking lot.

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(WARNING: Video contains some inappropriate language and may not be appropriate for all viewers).

Below you can read the transcript of the video:

Driver: What's up buddy?

Levston: Oh now I'm a buddy?

Driver: Hey, Trump, Trump all the way. Trump! Hey, check this out--

Levston: I was a n----- a minute ago, now I'm a buddy.

Driver: Nah, I got you, because black lives don't matter. There ain't no proof. Just because you say something, don't mean nothing. Prove it.

Levston: Wow. I appreciate you. I appreciate you for sharing that.

Driver: Hey check it out. If black lives matter--hey I'm talking for you. Oh you appreciate it? 

(both talk over each other for a couple seconds)

Levston: So black lives don't matter because you got a problem in traffic?

Driver: No. Black lives don't matter--no the problem in traffic was you were right behind me, sped up and drove around me, jumped in front of me, and made me slam on my brakes at a light. That makes you a n-----. That proves that black lives don't matter. Hey--no, no no. If you have a side, if you have a subject, you tell me why black lives matter. Because people say so? You need to tell me why. Do you know what "matter" means? It's something that makes a difference. And let me tell you something--

(both talk over each other for a couple seconds)

Driver: Hey, Martin Luther King died for a purpose. You need to watch the very first episode of Boondocks, because he walks around ashamed of the people with the flat-brimmed hats, like you and the people that can't even keep their pants up. Yeah, put it on Facebook, I don't care! Look at me.

Levston: Apparently you don't.

Driver: You're a punk who lives off social media. I don't even have a social media account. You know why? Because white lives matter.

Levston: I appreciate you sharing with me your life story sir.

Driver: What life story?

Female passenger in car: Why don't you go put your own f------ people's lives in danger?

Driver [to woman in car]: Hey, let me handle it. You just be a woman. (He closes the car door)

Driver: What was my life history? Was there anything of anybody's past? Or are you just another n----- who doesn't understand anything?

Levston: Apparently you were teaching me about black people.

Driver: I'll teach you anything.

Levston: Teach me a little bit more about black people.

Driver: Black people were bought by a contract, and we got ripped off. Because y'all should've got returned when there was evidence and proof that y'all couldn't do anything, because y'all live off welfare.

(both talk over each other for a couple seconds)

Driver: Let me answer your question, n-----.

Levston: You keep saying "y'all." Y'all who? What makes you think I'm a black person?

Driver: Because you look like a--and you drive like a n-----. That's why. With that flat-billed hat, even white people are n------ to me, even some Mexicans. 

Levston: Wow.

Driver: Wow what? If you mean "wow," what is the definition of a n-----? Is it black skin?

Levston: I don't use the word n-----, so I don't even know.

Driver: No, what is the definition. Is it a word?

Levston: Yes, sir.

Driver: OK, what is the definition?

Levston: Apparently you're going to tell me.

Driver: No, I'm asking you. I've already told you what a n----- is. It's people who have flat-billed hats, can't keep their pants up, and put people's lives in danger on the streets--cutting them off in traffic. That's a n-----. Someone who--they don't matter.

Levston: OK.

Driver: I have a family in my car, and you know what, we matter. Because, you know what I mean? You're going around putting people's lives in danger and then you want to follow people and put them on social media. 

Levston: I didn't follow you, sir.

Driver: Hey, spread this. It's OK. Spread this. People need to--hey, I'm looking at the camera now, not you. Black lives do not matter because black people walk around and say it. That don't mean anything. I could walk around and say "Elvis is still alive," does that mean he is still alive? No. You have to prove something with your life, for once. You have to prove something, buddy. Go out and do that. 

Levston: I appreciate you so much. 

Driver [said while walking back to his car]: Yeah, you f------ transgender f-----.

Levston [begins to drive off]: Wow.

Driver [turns back around and begins grabbing his crotch]: That's right, BLM doesn't matter. Drive off sucker.

Levston: Yes ma'am.

Driver: You acted tough on the road.

Levston: Am I acting tough?

Driver [pulls up his shirt to show his torso]: No, you ain't acting tough. I'm tough. You ain't s---.

Levston: Oh OK.

Driver: Yeah, that's right. You remember that.

Levston: Absolutely. Yes sir.

Driver: Hey, if there wasn't technology and stuff like this, I would've smashed you.

Levston: Would you?

Driver: Because I'm a man, and you're a punk.

Levston: That's what you would do?

Driver: Yeah, I "would have" is what I said--not what I would do. That would make it a threat. I would have.

Levston: No, a minute ago you told me I'm threatening your family in traffic, but you're basically--you don't think you're threatening me?

Driver: I'm threatening you?

Levston: You don't think you're threatening your family--
Driver: I'm threatening you.

Levston: --by threatening a complete stranger, which you don't have the slightest idea what could possibly be in their car?

Driver: Where was the threat? Can you repeat the threat? I said I would have crushed you.

Levston: You don't have the slightest clue what could be in that person's car.

Driver: I have something in my car too. What does that mean?

Levston: I appreciate it.

Driver: You appreciate it? You don't have s--- in your car. You know why?

Levston: I appreciate this Sunday entertainment. You have no clue how much I appreciate it.

Driver: OK, you appreciate that n-----.

(Driver walks off. Levston begins to drive away but turns the camera to himself before ending the video.)

Levston: That's exactly why y'all need to get out and vote. If you ever needed proof of why you need to get out and be heard, go f------ vote.

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