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Election Day: Donald Trump, Mike Pence elected into White House

The line to vote at a DeSoto County polling location Tuesday morning. (Source: WMC Action News 5 viewer) The line to vote at a DeSoto County polling location Tuesday morning. (Source: WMC Action News 5 viewer)

Election Day is finally here! But, the election is about more than just who wins the White House. Voters will also be deciding who controls Congress.

Click here to see regional election results. Click here to see Shelby County election results.

David Kustoff won the race for Tennessee's 8th Congressional District. 

"It is an honor to be the Congressman-elect for the Eighth District of Tennessee. Roberta and I are thankful for all of the support and help we have received over these last nine months

The journey through this great district in West Tennessee has been very rewarding. It is important to me that I serve as the congressman for all of the Eighth District. From Germantown, to Union City, to Paris, to Jackson, and everywhere in-between, I promise to represent all 15 counties.

My focus in Congress will be to keep West Tennessee safe, secure, and prosperous. I will also be a strong pro-life and pro-Second Amendment representative.

Ultimately, I will do what I have promised to the voters: I will fight and I will lead in the House of Representatives."

Marsha Blackburn won re-election to Congress from Tennessee's 7th District.

Steve Cohen also won re-election to his Congressional seat.

As for the presidential election, Donald Trump swept the Mid-South by winning Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas before winning a close presidential race after Hillary conceded the vote. Click here for the latest information on the presidential race.

Election officials said they have only had a few "minor" voting issues in Shelby County.

  • An electrical cord went out at the Sheffield High School location in the morning, leaving about four machines out of order for about 30 minutes. The cord was repaired.
  • There were backups in line at the Norris Road location. Many voters were at the wrong location due to address changes.
  • Trinity Church had two machines delays. Those machines were temporarily oversensitive due to an influx of voters.

One of the voting issues happened at Trinity Methodist Church in Midtown Memphis. One voter said the machine continued flipping his vote to the wrong candidate. While he did end up casting a ballot, he's not sure it was for the correct candidate. 

"One voter apparently had some difficulty getting the votes to record the way he wanted. It's not clear why," Shelby County Election Commission representative Linda Phillips said. 

Phillips is confident the voter's ballot was cast correctly and nobody else would experience the same problem.

Additionally, election officials said a poll worker left a memory card at a poll late Tuesday. That misplaced card caused a major delay in releasing results.

While voters became antsy for results, Phillips said the commission would not rush their process.

"I know you guys wanted results instantly, but it's more important to get it right than to get it fast," Phillips said. "It's a process and this is too critical to do it sloppily."

More than 242,000 people voted in early voting in Shelby County, but thousands still showed up on Election Day to cast their ballot.

North Mississippi voting

Unlike Tennesseans, those living in Mississippi do not have the option to cast their vote early. They must cast their vote on election day.

Despite the rain, long wait times, and other challenges, voters at DeSoto Central High School still came out to make their voices heard.

Lines were long when polls opened at DeSoto Central High School in Southaven, Mississippi. A WMC Action News 5 viewer sent a photo with voters holding umbrellas as they waited to vote on a rainy Election Day morning. 

Shannon Sipe said seeing a line at all is unusual for that location, especially when there were approximately 50 people in line.

"My husband came earlier and he told me it was raining and there was a long line, but I still came," Sipe said. 

The reason she said she turned out despite the issues was a matter of history and respect.

"It's a privilege to get to vote," Sipe said. "How can I disregard the lives that have been laid down and I take up the mantle and vote. They've given so much, what's an hour of my time to come, stand in line, and vote."

Sipe certainly was not alone. Ashawnte Kenny drove her 74-year-old grandmother to the polls to cast her vote.

"Because I would want somebody to do the same for me," Kenny said.

Lavan Kenny said she is proof that challenges are no excuse for not getting out and casting your ballot.

"It shouldn't stop them from voting," Lavan Kenny said. 

Despite a few hiccups, including one machine down, Sipe said she still was able to cast her vote.

"We have dropped our ballots off in a separate box. Those will be put into the machine later and counted," Sipe said.

These voters said this election is too important to sit on the sidelines, regardless of the reason.

Facebook's #50States project

WMC Action News 5's Sasha Jones went live on Facebook for the #50States Facebook project to show the nation how Election Day was going for voters in Memphis and providing information for what voters need to know before making their way to the polls.

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