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I-40 flyover will open all lanes in time for Thanksgiving

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Drivers, rejoice! The I-40/240 flyover will reopen all lanes in time for Thanksgiving.

It's been under construction for three years, but the flyover is now just weeks from being fully reopened.

Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) said all the orange barrels in the area will be removed and every single one of the 13 lanes will be open before Thanksgiving.

TDOT said that means the Wolf River Bridge replacement phase of the flyover construction will be completed 100 days ahead of schedule.

"The Covington Pike area will still need some work," TDOT's Nichole Lawrence said. "But, I mean, just opening up this area of Memphis means a lot to--I know--our motorists around the Shelby County area."

The flyover project technically will not be completed.

"I mean, the project's not complete, but I feel like this phase that we're getting ready to open up is really going to make a big impact and allow a lot more movement for people...commuters coming in in the mornings and leaving in the afternoons," TDOT's Michael Welch said.

The entire $109 million project will be 100 percent completed by Spring or Summer 2017.

Still the news that all 13 lanes of the flyover will be finished before Thanksgiving is welcome news to drivers.

TDOT warned that traffic patterns in the area will shift periodically for the next couple weeks as crews mark lines and put the finishing touches on the flyover.

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