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Google app adds 'unsend' button for email

(Source: Google via NBC) (Source: Google via NBC)

We’ve all been there: You quickly send an email from your phone by accident, and then a sense of panic, shame, regret or embarrassment sets in.

Sometimes, it’s all of the above. But now, for those who do lots of business on their phones, this will be welcome news.

Google is rolling out an update to its Gmail mobile app for iOS users. The app will now feature a new, "undo send" button.

Just like on your desktop, a new option on mobile devices will help prevent embarrassing email mistakes.

Users will have the option to take back an email within five seconds after it's been sent and fix any errors.

The update, which also features “swipe to archive” or delete, is the biggest overhaul of the Gmail app in nearly four years.

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