Tello family continues to search for justice and answers

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Three weeks after the death of Alana Tello, her family and friends are still searching for answers and justice.

Tello,16, was one of six people shot in the Zodiac Park shooting. She was the only one killed.

"Taking it day by day is all we can do," Tello's best friend, Seth Bonetti, said.

Both Bonetti and Tello's aunt, Jacqui Tello, sat down exclusively with WMC Action News 5.

"They didn't show up for a gun fight," Tello said.

Jacqui Tello said Alana was a fierce lover, who stood up for her friends. That is what friends say Tello was doing when a reported fight broke out in the park and bullets flew.

"She was going to do everything she could to help her friends out," Bonetti said.

Tello said the family has been left in the dark while police investigate and wonders why more people have not been arrested. She even questions if 17-year-old Marcus Malone is in fact the shooter.

"Knowing there are possible people out there that are still affiliated with what happening that night and even knowing the person who is detained may not even be that person," Tello said.

Tello said she is waiting on the truth.

"Our hope is that what is done in the darkness eventually comes to light," Tello said.

Family members said Marcus Malone is due in court Wednesday. He is facing charges for second-degree murder, 10 counts of attempted second-degree murder, and 10 counts of having and using a firearm during a dangerous felony.

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