A Better Mid-South: Fake news

GATLINBURG, TN (WMC) - Editorial by Tracey Rogers, Vice President and General Manager of WMC Action News 5:

A man went into a pizza place in Washington DC and pointed a gun at an employee.

It appears the man took it upon himself to investigate a rumor of a child sex trafficking ring run by Democrats and supposedly operating out of the pizza restaurant.

The false rumor was flamed by a fake news story posted on line.

Nobody got hurt. The man was arrested, but I think this points to a huge problem of fake news being propagated all over social media.

That's why Facebook is looking for ways to curb fake news posts.

I think we can all do our part. Remember, there are credible news sources and non-credible news sources.

The lines have become so blurred that it's sometimes hard to tell one from another, but I just ask you do your research.

Make sure you know something is true before you post it and remember you can always trust WMC Action News 5.

What are your thoughts about this fake news insurgence? Email me at abettermidsouth@wmctv.com or post on my Facebook page, A Better Mid-South. 

Trusting credible news sources makes this A Better Mid-South and a Better Country.

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