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Local radio abuzz with talk of the indictments

The indictments and arrests were the talk of the town this evening. Surprised and disappointed callers flooded radio talk shows with their opinions.

News that local leaders were the targets of an FBI sting filled the Memphis airwaves. They're accusations that could turn an unwanted spotlight on the Bluff City.

Many WDIA listeners didn't seem all that surprised at the allegations made against Senator John Ford, but there was a different reaction to word of other arrests.

"A lot of folks trust Kathryn Bowers, a lot of folks trust Roscoe Dixon and that hurts," said James Davis on WDIA.

Accusations, even if they're proven false, that could tarnish the city's image.

"So everybody gets tarred with this and there are some good people who do public service," said Mike Fleming of WREC.

State law allows the lawmakers indicted to continue to serve on Capitol Hill. But if they are convicted there doesn't seem to be much sympathy back home.

"I say good riddance. If they are found guilty of this get them out of there," said Fleming.

An opinion shared by Mid-Southerners across the board.

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