Bredesen sounded off about the developing corruption scandal

Governor Phil Bredesen stopped in Memphis Friday and sounded off about the developing corruption scandal and its impact on you. The governor did not mince words, saying if someone in his administration is indicted, he'd tell them they didn't have a job anymore. The governor says the whole thing puts a stain on Tennessee. Governor Phill Bredesen was in Memphis to speak at the U.T. Memphis commencement ceremonies. The governor didn't talk about the legislative scandal at the graduation, but did talk with reporters later. The governor said everyone is still reeling. <"Sure when this kind of thing happens and especially if it proves to be true and they are convicted it puts a stain on the state. It's something that can't help when it comes to recruiting business or having people feel good about their state." Bredesen said the most important thing now is to assure Tennesseans the state's business is continuing and the budget will be finished and life will go on. The governor also talked about what he plans to do to help ensure this won't happen again and what his thoughts whether bills he has signed in the past several months might be tainted.